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Design & Engineering

Air Techniques is proud of its history designing steel stacks systems and the componentry, equipment and facilifites related to the stack systems.  From the first stack over 25 years ago to the current stack projects, our design and project engineering are the focal point of the stack business.  The engineers of ATI and of our sister company, AERI, work together to provide safe, efficient and cost effective steel stack systems for industry.  From small diameter boiler economizer supported stacks to large 14' diameter to 250' tall major stack projects, ATI engineers are known for their quality, convervative designs.  In addition to stacks and stack accessories, our engineers frequently design foundation systems for these stacks adn when required, pile systems that work with the stack foundations or pile caps.  When support towers are combined with stack structures, our design teams of the Zarrabi brothers, Nader and Ken, make it happen.  Both graduated from Georgia Tech in structural engineering, Ken having completed his Masters at MIT.  Both are active in various engineering associations.  Nader is chair on a number of committees on the ASME Steel Stack Code and has been an active ASME participant for over 10 years.  When you purchase an Air Techniques stack, you can trust you have one of the best design teams available performing the design.


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